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speculoos tiramisu easy recipe

Lotus biscoff tiramisu (speculoos) easy recipe

This tiramisu with speculoos, or lotus biscoff tiramisu is a gourmet and delicious revisit of traditional tiramisu. An ideal dessert after a good quick evening meal or for a hearty children’s snack. Speculoos tiramisu I know that not everyone likes to stray from the traditional tiramisu recipe, but between these caramelized-flavored cookies dipped in strong…

biscoff chocolate muffins

biscoff chocolate muffins

biscoff chocolate muffins Hello guys, A very delicious recipe, one of my cooking book that I live the most. In my book this chocolate muffins were with wafers, but I replaced that with biscoff because we love this belgium biscuits at home. So because  biscoff is a little bit sweet I added less sugar in…

the best homemade falafel
quick and easy

falafel easy recipe

easy homemade Lebanese falafel recipe Hello guys, Well at home we really like the homemade Lebanese falafel,   this falafel recipe is so easy and delicious that it’s going to be your favorite ( I hope so, lol). My kids love falafel very much, they tasted it the first time when my middle East  from (Sudan, Lebanon and…

lentils soup
instant pot recipes | soup

lentil soup

Lentil soup Hello my dears, Finally a little time, to sit and try to write a recipe, my favorite recipe Lentil soup, a delightful creamy soup that I like often to prepare by this weather.  Anyway, this lentil soup is so far the best, it’s so easy to prepar that sometimes it’s my 12 years…